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About Minic Industries Ltd.

Since 1970, Minic Industries Ltd. has been serving the grain & feed industries, developing a reliable line of material-handling equipment and accessories.

In 1992, Minic Industries became part of the Rancan Group of Companies, an umbrella corporation that also includes Rancan Fertilizer Systems, Handy Hitch Manufacturing and Ranchers Welding.

Joining the Group allowed Minic Industries to expand their portfolio of available products and match the capacities that the industry required. By including stainless steel equipment for the fertilizer industry, as well as the addition of the ‘Kip Kelly’ bucket elevator and drag conveyor line, Minic has upgraded and refreshed the engineering and manufacturing process by becoming an industry leader.

Each division of the Rancan Group takes pride in understanding, evaluating and resolving custom design challenges quickly and effectively. The results are economical and quality built products, that will last for years, continuing to satisfy and grow our trusted and loyal customers in North America and abroad.

Minic Industries Ltd.

Our dedicated group prides itself with understanding, evaluating, and resolving customer’s problems, into quick and economical products that will last for years.